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laptop motherboard repairing,laptop chipleval training

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Description now time to be a chip level laptop engineer. the laptop revolution is here to stay. and it is time for even an average hardware engineer to update himself with laptop chip level service knowledge. laptop chip level training full day batch :- detail laptop motherboard chip level repairing with live ic rebolling practis 10days 1st day:- basic electronics analog digital a.c current,d.c current,types of circuit,different component parts, smd technology, the resistor, the capacitor, the diode, the transistor, mosfet, logic gate symbols working details with checking find smd component (resistor capacitor, transistor, diod, fuse, coil, etc) testing and using of different components. 2nd day:- assemble d assemble different laptops demo block diagram, how work, basic problems, circuit diagram, repairing steps of adapater, lcd, inverter, battery, keyboard cd\dvd inges body, bios setting ram repairing steps introduction to desktop motherboard, c to d, i3, i5 tracing different connector and socket with related component and chips, smps power supply basic concept motherboard block diagram, function and main ics detail work theory and practical idea main signals of motherboard and connection of motherboards work with different ic, identification of cpu socket type ex :-( lga775, duals730) north bridge function (nforce, amd, sis)south bridge (sis, intel, nvdia) i/o controller ic (ite, winbond, smsc, etc) voltage regulator module ic (rtl, adp, isl,etc) clock generator ic (winbond, ics) lan ic (3com, realtech, marvel) audio ic (crystal, alc, creafve, etc) bios (sst,winbond, intel, etc) crystal function (14.318 clock) take idea of total boards 3rd day:- power regulate sections working detail cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm ram power (2.5v, 1.25v, 3.3v) function clock generator circuits checking single step to check bios chips section pci, on-off penel, connectiondetails rtc checking for date and time details of power good, reset, frame, clock signal searching data sheets of different ic's with working function live tracing of i3 & i5 motherboard finding fault using digital osciloscope bios update,installing, fleshing method use of debug card post error code.finding fault using post debug card 4th day:- introduction to laptop motherboard with schematic diagram of i3 laptop common laptop notebook chip identification. power supply, io chip, cpu power supply, discharge control, graphics brand, ethernet, sound audio, com port, battery ic, memory control, clock ic, ddr memory power supply, mosfet used testing and using of different components. dc power regulate sections, power supply to different chips vcc core, 5vsus, +1.5v, 1.8vsus, 5v, 10v, 2.5v cpu core voltage, vid signals, vrm section, mosfet of vrm clock generator circuits bios chips section, rtc chip power good, reset, frame, clock, bios signals function 5th day:- tracing dell, compaq, i3, i5 motherboard step by step tracing working motherboard, live tracing of power section like vrm, ram, battery, system of compaq board training using bga rework station removing bga chips and rebolling it common problem of different motherboards oult finding and troubleshooting of dead & working laptopboards repairing laptop your self at training center 6th day:- bios update using eeprom programmer password removing step for different laptops problem discuss & solution with faculty other working tips & cleaning solution hing solution, power jack repairing, ram repairing 100% 7th day:- live practis on bga reball on v3000, dv6000 board 8th day:- deep details of charging section problems, power on details of laptop on practical 9th day:- laptop motherboard repairing & troubleshooting repairing of customer laptop him self taking confidance of repairing 10th day:- removing confution for laptops alternative solution for different ic, hing, fan, belt, switch for more details contact person shreyansh gandhi : - 9375738082 for fast track course fees:- 06 days rs 13000 for fast track course fees: - 10 days rs 22000 for slow track course fees:- 45 days rs 17000 for slow track course fees: - 65 days rs 26000 s.k.compute www laptopchiplevel com address: ~ 9 / shreenathji apt., nr. kailash sweet, b/s mayur furniture, nanpura surat. (gujarat) 80% practical training full satisfaction

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